The Practice: Threading Consciousness Through the Body w/ Nikki Costello

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The Practice: Threading Consciousness Through The Body

The Practice is Svadhyaya, SELF-study and a journey towards Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. All aspects of our being are engaged in a rigorous and inquisitive learning space where we explore the teachings of yoga through asana, pranayama, meditation and contemplation. To fully realize our wholeness and freedom in the body, we look more closely at its individual parts. Each of the five sessions will focus on one of the five elements and the physical postures and breathing techniques that can awaken, stimulate, purify and harmonize them. Simultaneously, we will reflect on qualities like steadfastness and tranquillity to experience our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies as one interwoven body of consciousness. The Practice offers a transformative experience to all levels of student. The pre-requisite is an enthusiastic, curious and honest seeker who wishes to know the SELF.

“Passing a thread through the eye of a needle
Requires a steady hand and focused attention.
In yoga, our mind becomes the needle.
Our consciousness the all-knowing eye,
Graciously weaving the threads of each movement and action
Into a miraculous tapestry of vital energy.”
–Nikki Costello

Reading recommendation:

Light on Life by B.K.S Iyengar


The Root Practice: Cultivating Steadfastness
Friday, October 13
6:00- 8:00pm

In any endeavour, the quality of steadfastness is essential. It is an expression of our commitment, faith and willingness to go further and longer toward fulfilling a goal. The element of EARTH represents this quality and the practice of standing poses will establish a steady foundation for all other postures. This class will develop stamina and focus. It serves as an introduction to the intelligent language of the body for proper alignment and balanced action. All levels are welcome and encouraged to begin here.

The Core Practice: Cultivating Contentment
Saturday, October 14
10am- 1:00pm

When we go with the flow, move with fluidity and are able to easefully adjust our direction, the quality of contentment is within our hearts. When we struggle, feel stuck; frustrated or blocked all we want is the courage to get moving again. As we explore the WATER element within the physical body this precious resource restores our natural balance. In the practice of forward extensions and abdominal exercises we will play with core balance as we strengthen and stretch the back and tone and relax the abdomen. Intermediate and advanced students. Pregnant or menstruating women will receive alternative poses to support the WATER element during these times.

The Silent Practice: Cultivating Tranquility
Saturday, October 14
3:00- 5:00pm

The Prana Shakti, or life force, sustains all things and acts within us through our breath. In this exploration of the element of AIR, you will connect to your breath as a vital resource for relaxing the body and quieting the mind. The practice of inversions and supine pranayama lead to the quality of tranquillity. All levels welcome. Alternative postures will be given for those who need assistance in inversions like headstand and shoulder stand.

The Joyful Practice: Cultivating Hope
Sunday, October 15
10am- 1:00pm

When we think about the element of FIRE, some things come to mind. It emanates heat, creates light and can burn if we get to close. The FIRE of Yoga has been used as a metaphor for a transformational process that takes place within a human being. The heat starts to soften, the burn destroys old patterns and the light produces a radiant glow. One of the signs that this process is happening is in the way we start to see the world. Joy and light replace sorrow and darkness and the quality of hope is born from this fire.
We will practice twists, arm balances and backward extensions to appreciate the benefits of FIRE. For intermediate and advanced students. Not recommended for pregnant or menstruating women. If you are unable to participate but wish to observe, registration is required.

The Meditation Practice: Cultivating Unity
Sunday, October 15
3:00- 5:00pm

The element of ETHER reveals the vastness of our inner universe. We rely on all the other elements to know the space within. In this culminating practice, each element will be touched upon as we explore the supine and seated postures in guided meditations. In meditation, the walls and barriers that create separateness dissolve and the experience of unity emerges. Even a glimpse of inner space can set us on a path toward freedom. All levels welcome.

Investment for all five workshops: $300
Early Bird: $260 (Until September 10, 2017)
Registration is open for the entire weekend only.

***If registering on the amazing Longwave App, please note that technology has not yet caught up to us yogis and advanced registration (early bird) pricing is unavailable on the app at this time. To receive this pricing option, please register on our website or call the studio.***

Please bring your own mat, blocks, strap, and blankets if you own them.

Nikki Costello is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT). For 24 years, her teaching has been inspired by annual trips to India including RIYMI (Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute) the study of scriptural and philosophical texts and a daily practice of meditation. In 2013-2014, she was a contributing editor at Yoga Journal, writing the magazine’s “Basics Column.” and in 2016, Nikki was named one of the 100 Most Influential Teachers in America.