The Root Practice: Cultivating Steadfastness w/ Nikki Costello

This class is taught by:
The Root Practice: Cultivating Steadfastness
Friday, October 13
6:00- 8:00pm

In any endeavour, the quality of steadfastness is essential. It is an expression of our commitment, faith and willingness to go further and longer toward fulfilling a goal. The element of EARTH represents this quality and the practice of standing poses will establish a steady foundation for all other postures. This class will develop stamina and focus. It serves as an introduction to the intelligent language of the body for proper alignment and balanced action. All levels are welcome and encouraged to begin here.


This is only one session in the full weekend workshop with Nikki Costello.

The Practice: Threading Consciousness Through The Body

The Practice is Svadhyaya, SELF-study and a journey towards Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. All aspects of our being are engaged in a rigorous and inquisitive learning space where we explore the teachings of yoga through asana, pranayama, meditation and contemplation. To fully realize our wholeness and freedom in the body, we look more closely at its individual parts. Each of the five sessions will focus on one of the five elements and the physical postures and breathing techniques that can awaken, stimulate, purify and harmonize them. Simultaneously, we will reflect on qualities like steadfastness and tranquillity to experience our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies as one interwoven body of consciousness. The Practice offers a transformative experience to all levels of student. The pre-requisite is an enthusiastic, curious and honest seeker who wishes to know the SELF.

“Passing a thread through the eye of a needle
Requires a steady hand and focused attention.
In yoga, our mind becomes the needle.
Our consciousness the all-knowing eye,
Graciously weaving the threads of each movement and action
Into a miraculous tapestry of vital energy.”
–Nikki Costello

Reading recommendation:

Light on Life by B.K.S Iyengar