Upanishads & The Yogic Life - Saturday Afternoon

This class is taught by:
“The Light in the Heart is Vaster than All the Worlds”:
Teachings of the Upanishads and the Yogic Life
w/ Bill Mahony

The Upanishads are collections of sacred teachings from India that have inspired spiritual seekers for well over two thousand years. The wisdom they hold can guide us as we deepen and refine our own spiritual lives in today’s world. The foundation of Vedantic philosophy, the core teaching of the Upanishads is that there is a splendid, divine presence within all that exists and that this same splendor shines within each of us at the deepest and truest level of our being.


This weekend Bill Mahony will share teachings from the Upanishads with us as we reflect on questions we share with the sages who first taught them: What is the nature of this divine presence that shines in the light of the heart? How can we come to know that light, immerse ourselves in it, and bring it forth? How can we more fully allow it to illumine our thoughts and perspectives, our relationships with others and our lives in the world?


The wisdom of the Upanishads can inform and support the yogic life as a whole. This will be an inspiring set of discussions. Come join us!


Saturday, December 1

“Within You is a Self Formed of Joy.”

1:00pm - 4:00pm

We will learn ways in which the Upanishads describe the true Self and talk about ways in which our practices can help integrate the body, breath and mind with it.





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