Prenatal Yoga | Basic

This class is taught by:

Judith Huffman

Judith, the child of a yoga teacher, grew up hearing about how wonderful and life-altering yoga is. So, naturally, she resisted it! It wasn’t until her 20’s that Judith began deepening her practice, soon realizing that maybe her mom had actually known what she was talking about all along! Judith has used yoga to rid anxiety, gain confidence, and cultivate a healthy relationship with her body among other things. Nothing would make her happier than to help others experience the same benefits.
Judith is a certified Yoga Therapist and her classes will always work from a place of proper alignment and secure foundation.

Mandy Nicolau

Like many students, I was drawn to yoga as a form of physical fitness but soon discovered the changes that took place in both my body and my mind. We are bombarded by daily stimulation in our lives and I have always loved the connection within that yoga has brought me. I am constantly amazed by the subtle changes a few deep breaths can make in our day. I graduated from my 220 hour yoga teacher training in 2011. This was the true turning point on my path of yoga, service and lifelong learning. In 2015 I completed my 500 hour certification. I especially enjoy working with children. I have spent the past two school years working with students at a local elementary school to teach the basic foundations of the physical practice as well as calming techniques that can be brought into everyday life. To experience the enthusiasm and wonder that a child can bring to yoga is like no other teaching experience. I love to share the positive effects of yoga and truly believe that there is a yoga practice out there for everyone, regardless of age, experience and ability.My classes are taught to all levels with many different options. I offer a lot of maybes in class but absolutely no have tos or shoulds. I love to sprinkle in yogic philosophy and you never know what kind of music we will be rocking out to in class!

Taylor White

One of my favorite poets, Rumi, once wrote, “Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment”. These beautiful words are a humbling reminder that each moment of your existence is sacred. I truly believe that by focusing on the here and now, we allow bliss and contentment to blossom. After taking my first yoga class with a friend in 2010, I was immediately drawn to the ancient practice. Not only did I fall in love the physical movements and expressions of my body, but I noticed a place of deep inner serenity within my mind that I had never quite reached before. Personally, yoga is the profound connection to soul through breath, movement, and stillness. My hope as a teacher is to guide my students to find that connection, in whatever way speaks to them; to create a safe space where students feel comfortable and nurtured. My classes are playful and experimental, thoughtful and grounding. I hope each and every student walks away empowered with the belief that they are their own most powerful teacher. I am a certified Yoga Alliance instructor, having trained with the Wilmington Yoga Center 200 hour Kunga Yoga school, as well as with Tamal Dodge in a 200 hour Power Yoga course. These trainings and many other teachers have inspired me throughout my own journey. Every individual I meet offers an opportunity to learn and grow, on and off the mat.

Morgan Mott

Morgan is incredibly honored and grateful to have recently completed her 200 hour YTT at Longwave Yoga. She was first introduced to yoga by her mother at a young age, and has continued to grow in her practice ever since. She has been blessed with amazing teachers from Massachusetts to North Carolina and hopes to honor them in each class that she takes and teaches. Morgan's favorite part of yoga is that it permeates every part of her life, keeping her grounded and at the same time expanding her mind. She has decided to become a teacher to deepen her own practice, as well as share her love of yoga with others. The greatest gift that yoga has given Morgan is the ability to be present, and even though this is still a work in progress, she is excited to continue her journey!
Prenatal Yoga supports and nourishes the body, mind, and spirit while encouraging you to savor this special time in life. This class will contribute to the best possible pregnancy and delivery by focusing on breathing, relaxation, stretching and muscle toning. Best of all, you will share this special time with other women in a similar phase of life. All levels welcome (yoga experience not required).

Level: Basic