Pathway to the Peak

This class is taught by:

Logan Wagenseller

Yoga has opened the door for a lifetime of learning, self-discovery, and an opportunity to do what I love, teach. Committing to daily practice has taught me how to navigate life’s uncharted waters with grace and strength and instilled in me a desire to share that same sense of personal power with others. My yogic journey has encouraged a deeper connection within, and a better understanding of my relationship to what exists around me. It allows me to walk a bit softer in a hard world, and gives me peace in knowing that I am capable of creating the life I desire to live. As an instructor, I strive to always give others the love, positivity, and space to journey closer toward their own Self discovery.

In January 2019, I will graduate from Longwave Yoga’s 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training, a 2-year program that has provided me more insight and knowledge than I ever imagined possible, and inspires me to deliver yoga with the highest integrity and skill.

Through training and teaching, I hope to instill in students confidence, strength, and self-love in a strong and powerful, yet compassionate and vulnerable way, inspiring those around me to unearth their truest potential and tell their authentic story, always.

w/ Logan Wagenseller

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A peak pose is one that requires the most opening and strength in a series of related poses. This four-week series will journey up pathways that lead us to peak poses, the pinnacle of the practice. Along the road, there will be twists and turns and unexpected surprises that lead us to peak arm balances, inversions, backbends, and partner poses. As we travel up this pathway, we will let go of fear and discover more strength and ability than ever imagined.
This series is geared toward building strength and body mechanics needed for peak postures. Students will have the space to ask questions, explore how to safely and effectively build up to poses, and experience these peak poses with modifications. There will be elements of conditioning in order to work up the path and build muscle memory to conquer the journey to the top. This workshop will give time and opportunity for students to explore poses they may view as challenging/ holding them back.
Together we will travel The Pathway to the Peak. Logan will lead the expedition and ensures the journey is open to all levels. Traveling this pathway will encourage students to find confidence and freedom in challenging asana practices so they feel ready and equipped for these poses when they arise in traditional vinyasa classes.
Mondays November 5 - 26
7:00pm - 8:30pm
November 5th - Destination 1 - Peak Arm Balances

Arm balances are liberating postures that help us reach our highest destination. They reveal to us our own courage, agility, and intrinsic power. During this stop, we will explore peak arm balances and how we can safely and effectively fly on our hands.
November 12th - Destination 2 - Peak Inversions

At our second destination, we will stumble upon the fountain of youth. Rediscover your inner-child as we flip upside down and explore the physical and mental benefits of peak inversions.
November 19th - Destination 3 - Peak Backbends

A backbend a day not only keeps the doctor away, but also shows us that our limits are self-imposed. Travel the path to a well-rounded back bending practice and discover your own limitless potential.
November 26th - Final Destination - Peak Partner Poses

A path well-traveled is a path traveled with a partner. At our final stop, discover your own self-awareness and trust as we share our practice and journey to the peak together.

$80 for entire series
$25 Drop-in