SUP Yoga | Open

This class is taught by:

Jessica Amendola

Jessica is a Yoga Alliance registered RYT200 and H2YO certified Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Instructor. Jessica was trained in St Augustine, FL at Kripalu affiliated studio, Discovery Yoga, with Deva Parnell, and in Orlando, Florida at H2YO with Julie Roach. Her classes are a blend of challenging movements, interwoven with spirituality and a heavy emphasis on alignment of the body and movement with breath. Having grown up near the ocean, it is only natural to find Jessica practicing and teaching on the sand or on a paddleboard. She can also be found traveling to various locations teaching workshops on the water and on the mat. The purpose of her classes is to help guide her students into living a life of purpose and passion, finding peace of mind and strength of body.

Julie Pelikan

Like many, my yoga practice began as a physical practice. Over time it has grown to become much deeper than I ever imagined. “The greatest journeys in life are the ones that answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask!” Unknown. I feel yoga has been that journey for me, and it is just the beginning! Yoga has changed my life in amazing ways. After a yoga retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica, I knew I wanted to share the gift of yoga with others. I completed my 200 hour Kunga Yoga Teacher Training at Wilmington Yoga Center with Noelle Cavanaugh and I currently am completing the WYC Teaching Internship and Mentorship.
My classes are composed of fun and powerful flows with a focus on connection to the breath. My inspirations are Music, The Ocean, Nature, Family, friends, my teachers and fellow students.

Jenelle Glenn

When I first began yoga, it was all about the work out. Before long my practice had transformed me into someone I didn’t even know was available. I began to feel a connection with my higher self and the way I moved had become much more mindful and graceful. After acknowledging the spirituality of yoga in conjunction with the asana I began practicing every day, sometimes twice a day and gradually shifted into more challenging classes. Eventually, I felt compelled to share this beautiful practice with as many people as possible and completed the Kunga Yoga Teacher Training. The training was more than I could have ever hoped for and has significantly altered my perspective on yoga. After completing my apprenticeship with Lexi Paulos at Longwave Yoga I decided to continue my education and am now completing the Longwave Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. It is my intention to bring mindfulness and spirituality to my classes while igniting courage in my students to find their edge in the asana. I have a deep love for music and structure the music of my class to be fun, empowering and unexpected depending on the intention of each particular class. I gravitate toward a power vinyasa class but am continually inspired by all types of yoga and strive to develop well-rounded sequences that will leave you feeling confident, connected and harmonic within yourself and the beings around you.

Tim Worman

At age 15 Tim got his second tattoo, an image of a man meditating. He was drawn to the spiritual practice of yoga at an early age, Thinking there was something magical about yoga. But it wasn't until years later when he was diagnosed with MS that he would find the 8 limb path of yoga. After having trouble walking, and having his doctors want to load him up on drugs, he decided to give the physical practice of yoga a try. After his first couple of classes he started to think yoga was not as mystical as he once thought, there was no breathing fire, or levitating. But in a short time, he started noticing the benefits of a physical practice, improved balance, physical strength, more energy, improved coordination, and a calmness in the mind that had been absent for many years. For Tim, this was the Magic of yoga. Wanting to share the experience that Mike Matsumura, Charlotte Matsumura, Hethyr Pletsch and so many other great teachers have shared with him, He went through Pranavas teacher training program, Hoping to share a practice that can bring great benefit to all.

While spending time with his wife and kids, playing his guitar, working at his salon, traveling across the country, tending his garden, and walking his dog, he remembers that each day is a gift, and tries to make the most of it.

Brittany Roy

”Through yoga, you begin to learn to accept life as it comes and realize that every breath is a gift and a new opportunity to create your own existence and happiness!” Taking a yoga class here and there, it wasn’t until a difficult life transition that Brittany fell in love with the practice. Never really feeling a strong urge toward any profession, one night after a yoga class, a strong sense of passion washed over her…“I want to be a yoga teacher!” About a year later, Brittany completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Tamal Dodge, specializing in power vinyasa. “When I decided I wanted to teach yoga, the decision was made and I didn’t even flirt with the idea of, ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ There was no question. I decided this was my path and the Universe delivered!” Brittany started teaching immediately after her training. Her intention in each class is to share the same joy and beauty that yoga has brought to her life, just as her teachers share with her. “There is no greater gift than to watch your students transform themselves right before your eyes.” Believing that happiness and love are the foundations for living a full life…you can expect a fun, light-hearted (and powerful) flow in Brittany’s classes. Brittany is also the studio manager of Longwave Yoga.

Hawks B

Brandon came to yoga before he had any idea what yoga was. Equal parts surfer and dedicated musician and composer trained in both classical and improvisational genres, yoga quite easily and naturally fell into his life when he was ready to receive it, and in hindsight, most needed it. The similarities he found in yoga with surfing, composition and improvisation were numerous and by no means limited to the practice of meditation, pranayama, rhythm and pace, awareness of self and ones environment, and certainly not least, a demand for absolute presence.
Whether practicing with Brandon outside on the beach as part of one of his yoga surf workshops, a SUP yoga class on the water, or in the studio at Longwave Yoga, you’ll likely find inspiration from the elements interwoven in all parts of his classes and sequencing.
Brandon also has a Bachelors degree in cultural anthropology and a Master’s degree in Business and owns a consulting company serving the ski resort industry.
His intention in every class is to provide students an opportunity for growth in a positive and unassuming environment from which they can leave relaxed, reflective and inspired. A heightened inclination to laugh at themselves is always encouraged.

Carolyn Royce

Carolyn and yoga fell in love following a lifelong swimming career. The physical practice of yoga came naturally and helped her regain physical strength, reinforcing the connection between body and mind, and bringing an element of balance back into her life. In 2013 she completed her 200-hour RYT to deepen her practice and pursue her love of helping others. Trained in Vinyasa, meditation, pranayama and assisting technique, she places an emphasis on being a student before a teacher; learning and cultivating a personal practice in order to translate knowledge authentically to her students. She feels a strong connection to the ocean and appreciates the beautiful unannounced moments of meditative clarity that are brought about when surrounded by nature. Carolyn is committed to helping others cultivate a joyful and authentic life, no matter their unique path, finding peace within themselves. Carolyn is also a proud representative of AcroYoga as a JAMbassador, helping cultivate an inspired community based on love, sensitivity, and play in the Wilmington, NC area.

Britt Butcher

Britt came to yoga in 2001 seeking freedom from injuries as a collegiate athlete. The asana practice was a natural fit for her having spent more than a decade of her youth as a competitive gymnast. As Britt’s practice evolved, so did her appreciation for her improved physical health and her newfound emotional and spiritual awareness. Britt teaches a variety of classes including vinyasa, beginner and yin yoga. She received her 200-hour certification from Pure Yoga NYC in 2010 and is currently completing her 500-hour certification with the lovely leaders of Longwave Yoga. Britt’s classes are challenging yet playful and guide practitioners toward establishing a subtle strength, inside and out. She loves sharing music that inspires her and aims to lift spirits through sound. Her intention for each class is to hold the space for her students to find whatever it is they are seeking in their practice and to enlighten them with new possibilities. She has the deepest gratitude for her teachers Kay Kay Clivio, Erica Mather, Lexi Hawks and Mary Glackmeyer.

Logan Wagenseller

Yoga has opened the door for a lifetime of learning, self-discovery, and an opportunity to do what I love, teach. Committing to daily practice has taught me how to navigate life’s uncharted waters with grace and strength and instilled in me a desire to share that same sense of personal power with others. My yogic journey has encouraged a deeper connection within, and a better understanding of my relationship to what exists around me. It allows me to walk a bit softer in a hard world, and gives me peace in knowing that I am capable of creating the life I desire to live. As an instructor, I strive to always give others the love, positivity, and space to journey closer toward their own Self discovery.

In January 2019, I will graduate from Longwave Yoga’s 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training, a 2-year program that has provided me more insight and knowledge than I ever imagined possible, and inspires me to deliver yoga with the highest integrity and skill.

Through training and teaching, I hope to instill in students confidence, strength, and self-love in a strong and powerful, yet compassionate and vulnerable way, inspiring those around me to unearth their truest potential and tell their authentic story, always.

Enjoy the bliss of mother nature and take your yoga practice off land and into the water!
Briefly review the fundamentals of paddleboarding and water safety on land and then join us in the water as we warm up with a paddle to a pristine "floating yoga studio" in the Intracoastal Waterways of Wrightsville Beach. Surrounded by nature, we will flow through a complete yoga practice available to all levels. SUP Yoga helps to build core strength and integration while cultivating awareness of the true present moment.
This class is seasonal and is weather dependent. Classes will be canceled 30 minutes prior to class start time if weather is not in our favor. 
**Please preregister by 5:00pm the night prior to class. Pay online or by calling the studio. Once registered, you will receive an email with drop in location and details. Carpooling or biking to location is highly recommended, as parking is limited.