Mesmerizing gypsy guitar and incredibly soulful vocals create the unique and highly celebrated music of Eddy Nataraj. His kirtans create a sacred space for intuitive knowing to thrive and true interconnectedness to be revealed, quickly establishing this brilliant kirtan artist as a pillar of yoga in the West. At 20 years old, his journey in the world of kirtan music began when a small, elderly woman pulled him aside after his stand up comedy routine in Seattle, WA, to tell him he had a beautiful voice and should pursue music. He went out, bought a guitar, and embarked upon his yogic path through sacred sound.

Shortly after he began playing the guitar, he moved to Hawaii where he lived for 7 years, mostly homeless in the jungle, with Mother Nature as his greatest teacher. While living in the jungles, he studied nature, yoga, buddhism, meditation, music, and himself. He spent entire days practicing his guitar and writing song lyrics. As time went on his song lyrics transformed into mantras, which he found energizing and useful for inducing deep meditative states.

When he returned to the main land, he immediately became a spark in the kirtan world. His kirtans have been called a “high-bhav …nonstop rolling joyride from Ganesha to Krishna.”

He has played Bhakti Fest, Ahimsa Yoga & Music Fest, Montreal Yoga Chant Fest, and the 20thAnnual Yoga Teachers Conference at Kripalu. He has had the great honor of playing his guitar with Snatam Kaur, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Andy Aledort, Nina Rao, Shimshai, Durga Das, Mike Cohen, Adam Bauer, and many other great artists.

He is humbled that the Universe guided him to this sacred path of kirtan and bhakti, and is inspired to follow in the footsteps of Shyamdas, Ram Das, and Krishna Das in making bhakti yoga and mantra music a fundamental element of the Western Yoga world. He is a new and exciting member of the yoga music revolution, and is making quite a name for himself with his infectious joy and dynamic gypsy flamenco kirtan style.

Eddy instructs the following:
  • Satsang w/ Eddy Nataraj
  • Humans have wondered and contemplated about the meaning of life for millennia, often going to extremes of severe austerities, starvation, and psychedelics. Sometimes it is an attempt to comprehend life, or a scholarly study of the nature of reality, but the search can go on for lifetimes. The teachings of yoga tell us that the Truth to our existence already exists within us. "Satsang" means "in the company of Truth." In Satsang we gather to discuss and realize the Truth that we already know, that we already embody. Join Eddy as he leads discussion and exploration into "dharma" and other relevant yogic philosophical ideas. You can expect a playful, but deeply soulful, inquiry into the following concepts: happiness, confusion, the nature of mind and consciousness, the individual identity, conditioning, meditation and its implications, duality vs non-duality, the cultivation of conduct and clarity, and the realm beyond yoga and post-enlightenment. This class will often include music and mantra to help synchronize frequencies of heart and mind for conversation that stays centered and uplifting. Discussions will often be driven by the questions asked, so come with curiosity and an open mind.

    Suggested Donation $15