Rachel, a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher, began studying yoga in 2006 while pursuing a degree in theater at Skidmore College in New York. Her first yoga class was designed for theater and dance majors as a way to enhance performance elements, but she was immediately drawn to the profound transformative benefits of the practice. Through breath and movement, Rachel started to uncover a stillness of the mind and a sense of empowerment that she strives to deepen every day, both on and off the mat. In July 2012, she completed the 200-hour teacher training program with the Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica. She completed the Longwave Yoga 300-hour advanced teacher training program in November 2016. Forever learning and always a student first, Rachel is deeply grateful for her many teachers who inspire her every day. Students can expect a unique and challenging vinyasa practice that incorporates an understanding of alignment, sequencing, and patience. Through a creative flow and a spirit of playfulness, Rachel challenges others to compassionately explore their own limitless potential.

Rachel instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa | Intermediate
  • Vinyasa classes mindfully synchronize intention, breath, and movement. This class will include meditation and pranayama (breath work) to begin, as well as warm-ups and sun salutations that heat the muscles and allow energy to flow more freely. The body will continue to build heat throughout the practice as it flows from one asana (posture) to the next, building physical strength, increasing stamina and reducing stress. The flow-like quality of vinyasa guides the mind into a peaceful and connected place. The pace of the class can vary and each teacher tailors their sequence to their own philosophy, offering diversity and creativity in each class.

    The intermediate class is sequenced for those with an established yoga practice of one year or more (or coming from another discipline that highlights body awareness and mechanics.)

  • Aroma Flow | Open
  • Aroma Flow is a Vinyasa-based class that synchronizes intention, breath, movement, and aromatherapy. This class is suitable for practitioners of any level. During the class, the instructor will offer therapeutic-grade oils. Then, the class will move in a sequence created for that specific oil. This combination of movement and aromatherapy with leave you feeling blissed out!

    Level: Open


    ***This class incorporates therapeutic, all-natural essentials oils from doTerra. If you are allergy-prone or sensitive to essentials oils, you can take class without receiving the oils. If you are highly allergic or sensitive to essential oils, we recommend choosing a different class offering. Before class, please notify the teacher of any allergies. The instructor will have a carrier oil on hand to remove any essentials oils from the skin. For more information about doTerra oils, visit https://www.doterra.com/US/en.

  • Warm Hour of Power | Open
  • This one-hour class is for the yogi on the go! Hour or Power is a powerful and playful style of yoga that links movement and breath. This class focuses on strength, balance, core, intervals, and stretching. You will leave feeling energized and a little sweaty! The room will be heated, 85-95 degrees, keeping the body supple and promoting flexibility as it boosts the cardiovascular system. All ability levels are welcome, as there will be modifications, options and specific alignment cues given throughout the class that appeal to all levels of practitioners. It is highly recommended that brand new yogis partake in the beginner and/or basic level classes before joining an open-level class.
    Level: Open