Yoga, for me, is the pathway to attain deeper Self-awareness through practice, presence, and patience. My first yoga experience was 'reggae yoga' classes in 2008, and I continued exploring studio classes with Sivananda, Dharma Mittra, and Prana Flow influences. On an around-the-world trip, I settled at an ashram in India where I completed my 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Yida Gurukul. Since then, I've earned my 500-hour certification through Integrative Yoga Therapy. Working with special populations cemented my belief that yoga should encourage healthy, graceful aging for an abundant life. The sooner we can identify our habits, the sooner we can re-pattern for optimization. Both the challenge and the glory of the practice lies in its continuous rediscovery so that optimization is ever-evolving! I've taught from Nicaragua to Indonesia, and I'm grateful to now teach in Wilmington where Mother Ocean inspires me everyday. In my classes, I emphasize alignment, breath work, authenticity, and playfulness. Variations are offered to encourage practioners of all levels.

Stephanie instructs the following:
  • Warm Slow Flow | Basic
  • Slow Flow Yoga is a Vinyasa-based practice that helps students develop awareness of the yogic breath while synchronizing movement. This class offers a slower pace which is nice for students to take time in learning the poses and alignment, and offers advanced students time to explore variations. Slow flow helps to build deep transformational heat within the body while working strength and flexibility. One will leave feeling centered, calm, and connected. The room will be heated between 85-95 degrees, keeping the body supple and promoting flexibility as it boosts the cardiovascular system.
    Level: Basic

  • Beginner Yoga | Basic
  • Beginner Yoga introduces the families of asana (poses) with emphasis on alignment. This class is playful, conversational, and supportive, while allowing the practitioner to cultivate a strong connection to the mind, body, and breath. Beginner Yoga is appropriate for brand new yogis, those who have injuries, or practitioners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of alignment.

    Level: Basic