Yoga has opened the door for a lifetime of learning, self-discovery, and an opportunity to do what I love, teach. Committing to daily practice has taught me how to navigate life’s uncharted waters with grace and strength and instilled in me a desire to share that same sense of personal power with others. My yogic journey has encouraged a deeper connection within, and a better understanding of my relationship to what exists around me. It allows me to walk a bit softer in a hard world, and gives me peace in knowing that I am capable of creating the life I desire to live. As an instructor, I strive to always give others the love, positivity, and space to journey closer toward their own Self discovery.

In January 2019, I will graduate from Longwave Yoga’s 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training, a 2-year program that has provided me more insight and knowledge than I ever imagined possible, and inspires me to deliver yoga with the highest integrity and skill.

Through training and teaching, I hope to instill in students confidence, strength, and self-love in a strong and powerful, yet compassionate and vulnerable way, inspiring those around me to unearth their truest potential and tell their authentic story, always.

Logan instructs the following:
  • Ayurvedic Yoga | Open
  • Ayurvedic Yoga - Season/Dosha Descriptions

    Ayurveda is known as the science of self-healing and longevity. In the practice of Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga), the Doshas (constitutions) have a yearly cycle, which we experience as the seasons. There are three seasons in the Ayurvedic calendar, which coincide with the conditions of climatic changes. Approximately, in North America, we experience the following cycles:


    Kapha - Mid-February through May
    Pitta - June through September
    Vata - October through Mid-February



    More specifically, in the coastal Carolinas, the primary dosha present in the environment is Kapha, and we must always think of keeping the Kapha dosha in balance. In the Longwave Yoga Ayurvedic class you will be guided in a practice appropriate to pacify the predominate seasonal dosha, while always considering which elements are most dominant in the Wilmington, NC area.


    Vata - October through mid-February


    Vata is the season which brings rushing air, cool, rough, dry wind, cooling the earth and atmosphere from the fire of Pitta. It is that quality of space that brings in cool, clear, cloudless days of fall. Naturally these changes and qualities in the seasons bring similar changes to our bodies. Vata loves to move and excite, but sometimes that movement can be scattered, which elevates the Vata qualities in the body and mind. When Vata is aggravated, the movement becomes “confused.” We become drier, feel a little spacey, and skin becomes rougher to the touch. If Vata becomes out of balance in our bodies, physiologically we can become dehydrated, our joints have that snap, crackle, and pop effect happen as we begin to move, and emotionally we may feel anxious or forgetful. To pacify, we take slow, steady movement that compresses the colon, large intestine, pelvis, and sacrum. During this time of year, a yoga practice that focuses on calming the nerves and grounding that airy quality can be very beneficial in balancing Vata. The practice may be shorter, but end with a longer, restful savasana so the mind and body have ample time to settle. Poses that are ideal for pacifying Vata dosha are: Bhujangasana, Ustrasana, and Gomukasana.

  • Basic Yoga | Basic
  • Basic Yoga introduces the foundations of a vinyasa yoga (movement and breath) at a slow, mindful pace. In this class, practitioners can expect to unite movement and breath while learning the foundational concepts of a yoga practice. All levels are welcome, as there will be modifications, options and specific alignment cues given throughout the class that appeal to beginners and those refining the basics.

    Level: Basic

  • Hour of Power | Open
  • This one-hour class is for the yogi on the go! Hour or Power is a powerful and playful style of yoga that links movement and breath. This class focuses on strength, balance, core, intervals, and stretching. You will leave feeling energized and a little sweaty! All ability levels are welcome, as there will be modifications, options and specific alignment cues given throughout the class that appeal to all levels of practitioners. It is highly recommended that brand new yogis partake in the beginner and/or basic level classes before joining an open-level class.

    Level: Open