Genevera studied in an eight-month 200-hour teacher training program with Frances Murchison that focused on mindfulness and the eight limbs of yoga. What began as a way to find reprieve from the busy word turned into a toolbox for living well within the world.

Genevera believes that one’s true essence is lighthearted and loving. As such, practitioners in her class can expect playful sequencing and dialogue. Genevera invites self-inquiry and exploration in her classes. And she gives opportunities for students to cultivate the wisdom to know the difference between effort and ease. Genevera believes you are your own best teacher, and as your guide, she will offer options, allowing you to choose your own path within the practice. Moreover, Genevera sees yoga as a reflection: how we practice on our mats is how we live our lives. To transfer the teachings on the mat into everyday life, Genevera offers mindfulness and meditation techniques in her classes. Genevera invites you to come fill your cup and learn new tools for living well and spreading peace in the world!

Genevera instructs the following:
  • Seaside Yoga | Open - Blockade Runner
  • Take your practice to the ocean this summer in our Seaside Yoga series! Every Saturday and Sunday from 8:00- 9:00am, join us for an all-levels class on Blockade Runner Hotel’s seaside lawn. This class begins Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day Weekend. Practice under the summer sun, feel the salty air, and enjoy the beach horizon and lush gardens of the Blockade Runner while listening to the breaking waves on the shore. Find your seaside yoga bliss among the coastal wildlife of seabirds and beach bunnies roaming the lawn. 

    **Metered parking is available on the street. To access the lawn, walk through the lobby and toward the ocean. Special event rate: $16. Pre-registration is required.

  • Morning Yin | Basic

  • Basic Yoga | Basic
  • Basic Yoga introduces the foundations of a vinyasa yoga (movement and breath) at a slow, mindful pace. In this class, practitioners can expect to unite movement and breath while learning the foundational concepts of a yoga practice. All levels are welcome, as there will be modifications, options and specific alignment cues given throughout the class that appeal to beginners and those refining the basics.

    Level: Basic

  • Gentle Yoga | Basic
  • Gentle Yoga is a nurturing class that emphasizes self-care and mobility in the muscles and joints, while building strength and flexibility without the vigorous components of other yoga classes. Because this class has limited weight bearing in the hands and heavy prop usage, Gentle Yoga is suitable for all levels, including beginners. Students can expect to experience a well-rounded practice with time for questions and discussion. Even if you have an established practice, Gentle Yoga is a perfect time to move without intensity while refining your practice.

    Level: Basic

  • Warm Morning Yin | Basic
  • Morning Yin is the perfect slow-paced "stretch out" post a morning high-intensity run, bootcamp, or workout. An active lifestyle can take a toll on the body, specifically the areas of the hips, legs, and knees. This practice is designed to nourish the joints, tendons, ligaments, and fascia of the hips, legs, and back. Yin reminds us all to slow down and stretch out, allowing us to move mindfully from pose to pose with intention, increase flexibility, and helps reduce risk of chronic injury. Yin yoga helps to loosen energy blockages and therefore increase pranic flow through the body while aiding in better organ function and calms the nervous system. It is the YIN to the active YANG lifestyle!
    Postures are generally held for 3-5 minutes with the support of yoga props. This class is heated to 80-85 degrees.
    Please inform instructor if you are dealing with injury. With the nature of the class, Yin Yoga may be unsafe for certain injuries.