”Through yoga, you begin to learn to accept life as it comes and realize that every breath is a gift and a new opportunity to create your own existence and happiness!” Taking a yoga class here and there, it wasn’t until a difficult life transition that Brittany fell in love with the practice. Never really feeling a strong urge toward any profession, one night after a yoga class, a strong sense of passion washed over her…“I want to be a yoga teacher!” About a year later, Brittany completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Tamal Dodge, specializing in power vinyasa. “When I decided I wanted to teach yoga, the decision was made and I didn’t even flirt with the idea of, ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ There was no question. I decided this was my path and the Universe delivered!” Brittany started teaching immediately after her training. Her intention in each class is to share the same joy and beauty that yoga has brought to her life, just as her teachers share with her. “There is no greater gift than to watch your students transform themselves right before your eyes.” Believing that happiness and love are the foundations for living a full life…you can expect a fun, light-hearted (and powerful) flow in Brittany’s classes. Brittany is also the studio manager of Longwave Yoga.

Brittany instructs the following:
  • Shakti Yoga
  • Shakti Yoga is an invigorating spin on a traditional vinyasa class infused with rhythmic and energetic movement to emulate the cosmic forces of Shakti energy. Shakti is a Hindu goddess and personification of the universal vibrations responsible for creation and transformation. Therefore, expect a powerful and creative flow with a strong focus on movement. Classes will range from fast-paced, one-breath-per-movement sequencing to exploring dynamic movement in otherwise static yoga postures. Get your heart pumping, sweat, strengthen, and tap into the manifest energy of Shakti! All levels are welcome. However, due to the fast-paced, fluid nature of this class it is highly recommended that you have a general understanding of basic yoga postures and vinyasa before attending.