Why Yoga, Why Surf?

by B. Hawks


I had been surfing over 30 years when yoga found me. After attending a couple classes, in one particular class, I found myself awakening much like I had countless times in pumping surf in both far off and not so far off places, from a mindlessness or rather a mindfulness of the energy and rhythm of the natural world surrounding me and and an awareness of my place in it……..however minuscule that may be.  Awakening from a stillness…. an acceptance of self…..…a reverence for the present moment, a wave of humility, awe and gratitude washed over me and I became aware of just how powerful and transcendent the practice of yoga, much like a session in the surf could be for my heart and soul. 


Dropping into your practice is precisely like catching the wave of your life and scarcely remembering any of it……but the feeling remains…..(insert expletive attributive).


I am and will eternally remain grateful for the origins and evolution of this practice, the oceans and waves of this world, and the universe. Surf?….try yoga. Yogi?……try surf. Neither?……try both!




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