Pose of the Month - Goddess Pose

Utkata Konasana

Goddess pose invites you to embrace the feminine energy, challenging not only the body but the mind as well. This pose tests your balance and engages your strength while asking your breath to remain steady and calm. Goddess is a wonderful grounding posture that tones the lower half of the body and strengthens our overall resolve. It also opens up the hips, lengthens the spine and gives a nice stretch to the chest. Focus on lengthening your breath as your concentration improves. This pose asks us to fully incorporate duality into our practice – effort and ease, will and surrender, activity and receptivity – while observing the power of the Divine Feminine, or nurturing aspect of self.

How to get into Utkata Konasana safely:

1. Stepping out wide on your mat (lengthwise), place the heels of the feet in toward the body and the toes facing out. Move the toes so that they align with the knees.
2. Stack the knees directly over the ankles
3. Sink through the hips as you tuck the hips forward, drawing the sacrum towards the earth. Work toward deepening the pose by allowing the hips to descend down, if you can, in line with the knees.
4. Arm variations include hands on thighs, hands in prayer (Anjali mudra), or arms wide like goal posts – hands totally engaged or in Jnana mudra, connecting index finger and thumb.
5. Breathe into the hips, legs and feet to cultivate a steady and solid foundation. Going Deeper To go deeper into this posture, you may choose to lift the heels off of the earth or sink deeper into the hips. You can also sweep your arms out, lift them high while bringing the palms together over the crown of the head.

To modify the pose:

A modification for this pose may be to lower the hips, but not so much that they are in line with the knees. Only go down as far as your knees feel comfortable. You can always take this pose at the wall, slightly leaning the hips on the wall for support.

Cautions and Contraindications:

Knee pain/injury, hip pain/injury


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