April showers bring May flowers!

Why do April showers bring May flowers? Because every cause has an effect. Watching Mother Earth come back to life is such a beautiful script of the natural law of Karma at play, think Newton's Law of Action. As Mother Earth nurtures the world around us by carefully planting seeds and nourishing them with sunlight and rain the result of this action is the growth  of lush greenery and vibrant flowers! Springtime has again returned to Wilmington and we are so excited to share in this experience of rebirth with you as we take our yoga practice out into the elements and explore the idea of our own Karmic seeds planted  throughout the month of May!

Karma is complex and can be difficult to define in all it's fullness, but we are all familiar with the old saying, “What goes around comes around ," and   we may have even joke d about this ancient idea of Karma , "Karma made me do it!" In all actuality, Karma has roots in many different religions and schools of thought. Karma literally means action or doing. Any kind of intentional action whether mental, verbal, or physical, past, and present, is regarded as Karma. All good and bad action constitutes Karma… It is the law of moral causation. We see this idea in true form not only in Mother Nature but in our own lives and culturally as we watch how our own actions effect not only ourselves but the world around us.  

According to Karma, nothing In this world happens without reason or causation. We ourselves are the architects creating our own experience and when we become aware of this we become empowered to shape our path with mindfulness and allow our actions to unfold in a way that is beneficial to our evolution and growth. We invite you to tune into your own actions and responses this month. Practice observing your own Karma and your relationship with the seeds you sow.  

Fun Fact: Not only does Karma speak directly to the idea of cause and effect but is also closely linked to the yogic concept of saṃsāra or the cycles of birth, life and deat h. May is a beautiful representation of this cycle in bloom. In fact, May is named after the Greek Goddess, Maia who represents growth, fertility and warmth. That being said, it seems only fitting to honor our own mothers this month. After all, it was very good karma indeed to be born into this life! To celebrate the gift of our own mothers and show our gratitude for all Mothers, we invite you and your  Mom to practice on Mother’s Day and her class will be on us!

Happy May!


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