Pose of the Month - Lotus Pose


With a sense of total rebirth and reawakening in the Spring, we dedicate our pose of the month to the blossoming Lotus, or Padmasana. Lotus pose is a powerful hip and heart opener that allows us to dance between finding our roots and playing with our softness. The lotus grows from the depths of the mud into the water until it finally blooms into a wonderful expression of Divine energy at the surface. This pose represents the purity and rebirth we experience each time we step on the mat. Whatever is going on in our lives, now matter how muddy it gets we are given the opportunity, time and time again, to fully blossom and radiate our bliss.

Step by step instruction: 

1. Sitting with the legs extended, draw one foot (keeping the ankle flexed) up toward the navel with one hand, while supporting the knee with the other.

2. Lay the outside of the foot or ankle on the opposite legs hip crease. Be sure not to sickle the foot or the ankle. Repeat with the other leg.

3. Lengthen the spine and reach the crown of the head away from the tailbone.

4. Relax the shoulders and lay the hands on the knees.

5. Draw the navel gently inward and soften the lower ribs into the torso.

Modified Variation: 

Sit cross-legged or put a blanket under the sit bones. Half lotus is another good option.

Cautions and Contraindications:

Ankle, knee or foot injury


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