108 Ways a Yogi can Serve!

1. Write someone an encouraging note. Let them know you're proud of them or rooting for them.

2. Deliver someone a meal. Next time you're cooking, pick a busy mother, or a friend who is experiencing a hard time, and take a meal to them.

3. Donate clothes and household items to organizations that serve others with the Wilmington, North Carolina community.  There are many organizations in our area that accept gently used goods. For instance, The Open Gate Domestic Violence Shelter has a wish list you could help fulfill. 

4. Listen to someone's story, without interruption, and with full support.

5. Pay it forward. Do a good deed for someone else, and pass on the good deeds that others have done for you.

6. Give busy parents a night off by watching their children (for free).

7. Take over a household task for a week that your partner usually handles: wash the dishes, do the laundry, make the bed, etc.

8. Say hello and smile at strangers.

9.Wash someone's car.

10. Become someone’s mentor: offer guidance and support to a co-worker, or volunteer to mentor an at-risk child. 

11. Donate old books to a local school or hospital.

12. Have a yard sale, and give the profits to charity.

13. Promote and support someone else's ideas/dreams.  Peruse Go Fund Me or other donations sites and give money to causes about which you are passionate.

14. Buy someone lunch.

15. Plant a garden.

16. Send a care package to a soldier.  The Wilmington community has a close relationship with our Onslow County neighbors stationed at Camp Lejeune.  Operation Supply Drop is a unique organization that provides recreational entertainment for deployed Marines so they can experience downtime and normalcy while in imminent danger zones.

17. Fast for one day- dedicate your fast to someone.

18. Be generous with compliments.

19. Send flowers.

20. Leave money in a parking meter for someone else to use.

21. Offer an entire day/ afternoon to someone you love. Let them pick the agenda.

22. Hold the door open for others.

23. Invite someone over for dinner.

24. Help someone achieve a goal.

25. Volunteer in your community.  If you don’t know where to start, we love Work on Wilmington to help rejuvenate areas and buildings in the Wilmington and surrounding community.

26. Support and promote local businesses and organizations that you feel passionate about.

27. Pick up litter (everywhere- the parks, the ocean, school, work).  You can join Longwave Yoga’s studio manager and teacher Logan Wagenseller as she dedicates one afternoon a week to doing a Wrightsville Beach clean up. Contact the studio for details.

28. Go vegan.

29. Dedicate your yoga practice to someone who needs positive thoughts or to someone with whom you have a troubled relationship.  Setting this metta intention allows you to serve energetically when serving physically can be difficult.

30. Donate to charity.

31. Bring baked goods to work.

32. Apologize when apologies are due, and be sincere.

33. Encourage others.

34. Be positive.

35. Be a friend to all, even when it feels challenging. 

36. Share your creativity.

37. Practice love.  Develop a bhakti yoga practice.  If you don’t know how to practice bhakti yoga, we recommend attending Longwave Yoga’s workshop with Bill Mahoney, which will be focused on bhakti yoga—the union of love and devotion.

38. Strike up a conversation with someone who is shy at a social gathering.

39. Stay calm in tense situations.

40. Offer up your seat on the bus.

41. Complete a DIY project with a friend (let them keep the finished product).

42. Cultivate a practice of non-judgement.  Accept the ideas, beliefs, and lifestyles of others without passing judgement. This doesn't mean that you must agree with difference, but that you recognize and respect the values of others.

43. Put away your cellphone completely for your next dinner with someone. Give the present moment your full attention.

44. Choose to be compassionate for others.  Yoga Sutra 1.33 states, “By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and disregard toward the wicked, the mind-stuff retains its undisturbed calmness.”  This sutra can be a helpful reminder that we can make the choice to practice loving-kindness toward all people.

45. Live true to your ethical standards.

46. Keep from negatively judging yourself and others.

47. Be mindful of other people's time (show up early to meetings, etc).

48. Practice ahimsa toward others.  This means refraining from not just harmful actions, but also from harmful thoughts and words.

49. Be kind.

50. Be humble.

51. Be vulnerable.  Practicing setting aside your fear to come closer to your Truth.  Maybe at work you speak up in a meeting.  In your yoga practice, take the chance to finally really try the pose that scares you the most.  Or be honest with your feelings.

52. Choose to be happy.

53. Ask questions.

54. Live with purpose & share it.

55. Send thank you notes.

56. Give honest (yet kind) feedback.

57. Say thank you.

58. Ask someone how they're doing, genuinely.

59. Choose not to complain.

60. Eat local produce.  New Hanover County has plenty of options to choose from including Feast Downeast where Longwave Yoga’s Rachel Gruber works!  Also, check out Longwave at the Health Living Fall Festival on October 1st at Battleship Park.

61. Stay healthy.

62. Give unwanted furniture to a family in need.

63. Recycle.

64. Ask for help when you need it.

65. Hold space for others to grow.

66. Practice patience.

67. Give a generous tip when dining out.

68. Plant a tree.

69. Adopt a pet from your local shelter.

70. Forgive the actions of others.

71. Donate blood.

72. Keep your promises.

73. Give your time to someone in a nursing home/ hospital.

74. Live modestly; avoid excess.  The fifth yama, aparigraha (non-hoarding), is a great practice for living modestly.  This yama teaches us to have and consume only as much as we need and no more.  Of course, this can be a difficult practice in our culture, but doing so can help us live without excess.

75. Laugh.

76. Think globally. Your contributions can go beyond your community.

77. Read informative articles & share your knowledge.

78. Take time for yourself (you can't pour from an empty cup).

79. Let someone go in front of you in line.

80. Text someone, and tell them to have a good day.

81. Make a handmade gift for someone & give it to them- just because.

82. Let the little things go.  Letting go can be a difficult practice.  A nice way to begin practicing letting go is through mantra.  In your mediation or throughout your day, silently repeat to yourself the words “let go.” Repeating this simple mantra prepares the mind for letting go when we want to hang on to things that do not serve us or others.

83. Help someone move.

84. Donate blankets to a women's shelter.

85. Plant flowers in someone's yard.

86. Use your talents.

87. Dog-sit for someone when they go out of town.

88. Fill up a stranger's car with gas.

89. Take groceries to a local food pantry.

90. Mow someone’s lawn.

91. Keep granola bars or other non-perishable snacks in your car and offer them to people in need.

92. Send an anonymous donation to someone in need.

93. Call for or offer assistance for someone stranded on the side of the road.

94. Offer your talents and skills.

95. Help get someone active & in shape- go to the yoga studio, gym, track with them.

96. Give a massage.

97. Be kind to those who work in retail/ restaurants.

98. Just be there for someone, sometimes presence is enough.

99. Speak up for someone.

100. Give genuine hugs.

101. Love.

102. Donate unwanted toys to a local daycare.

103. Get up earlier than normal and make breakfast for your family, partner, parents, children, etc.  Don’t forget to make something special for your pets!

104. Thank a police officer.

105. Help organize a charity event.

106. Post positive articles and messages on social media.

107. Cancel a debt that someone owes you.

108. Be the change you wish to see in the world.


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