Embrace your dark side!

The days are becoming darker with the passing of the Autumnal Equinox as we welcome Fall here in Wilmington. While we witness this quality of growing darkness in nature’s transitions, we experience  the duality between light and dark that also exists within each of us. Recognizing this dichotomy is an essential part of connecting with the authentic Self.  Those who wish to find their true inner light, must first recognize their own inner darkness.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is so fun to dress up on occasions such as Halloween? Perhaps there is a piece of us that feels  it can be expressed by allowing our alter-ego to come out  and play! Even if costumes aren’t your thing, most of us keep parts of ourselves hidden in the dark within, whether they be fears or dreams.  While we often keep our “dark side” tucked away, stepping into the darkness ignites us to shed light on what has been suppressed. Once these previously concealed stories are in the light, we can decide whether to let them play out or let them go. This is freedom from unconscious living. Light and dark are opposing and equal parts of the same whole. One cannot exist without the other as demonstrated by Mother Nature with her seasons, Sun and Moon Cycles, and Divine play, or Lila, of disorder and order.

If we can reason that embracing this duality in both nature and ourselves can liberate us, then why do we find trouble accepting all parts of our identity?   O ur instinct is to avoid the dark aspects of ourselves. Darkness, or our "shadow," envelops the parts of us we don't want to see: the painful, sticky, muddy stuff; shame, wounds and disowned pieces of our past experiences. However, when we recognize that we are made of both light and dark, and stop separating the two, our walls begin to break down and we are invited to examine our inner-most infrastructure.

How do we do this? By  sitting in both the darkness and the light. This month at Longwave Yoga we invite you to take the journey through  all the layers of your self .  Recognize thoughts and feelings as just what they are—thoughts and movements of emotional energy. The more you practice, you may notice repetitive patterns you identify with “darkness” such as fear, guilt,  or resentment to name a few . Over time try allowing these thoughts and feelings  to pass through you ,   refraining from   the tendency to  label ,  identify , judge, or fix ; and slowly allow them to  flow through  and see what is born from this experiment… Maybe, just maybe, you will sense even more lightness.

At the end of the month, put your practice to the test with Angela and Rebecca for a night you won't forget! October 28th, hang with your favorite friends in your most frightening or brightening costume. Black lights and fog machines will set the tone for this ghoulish evening. Dress up in your BRIGHTS and FRIGHTS so you can Glow and Flow with a fun and challenging asana practice. This 2-hour class will include a playful flow featuring arm balances and inversions to show that moving into the dark places of fear inside of us can bring out the brightest aspects of courage, love, and strength. We will end with some juicy relaxation and restoration accompanied by the sweetest thai yoga and shavasana assists to stay in a place of love and light. This is open to ALL LEVELS of practitioner, ghoul, and goblin. Register HERE.

Stay open and willing to experiment and put intention toward discovering and accepting ALL of yourself this month. By accepting, equally, the light and dark, you will be sure to gain luminous clarity and nourishing receptivity.


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