Celebrate LOVE!

Dearest yogi,

Will you be our Valentine? We will be celebrating the month of love by taking time to dive within anahata. Anahata is the fourth chakra, located in the heart space (thoracic spine). The emerald green chakra is the locus of relationships and love. Most importantly, it is here, in the fourth chakra, that we seek balance; for anahata is the space of intersection within the body.

In the heart space, we connect with others. For a moment, consider the language colloquially used to reference the heart: “He/she has a piece of my heart” or “He/she pulled at my heart strings.” It is here that we connect, feel, and relate with others. Metaphorically, we offer our hearts to others to show love, give compassion, or even to express grief. We use the heart as a bridge between the self and others.

However, the subtle qualities of anahata remind us that our connection with others is merely a reflection of what we hold in our own hearts. Anahata chakra is where the energies of the body intersect.  It is the cross section of left (feminine) and right (masucline) and the lower chakras (the physical body) and the higher chakras (the spiritual body). The fourth chakra is where opposition intersects to create Oneness. Here, we find balance. This is why anahata is called unstruck—it is the space of balance, calmness, serenity, and most importantly, Oneness. Beneath the surface, despite grievances of the heart, anahata chakra is a place where no hurt exists and only pure love and Oneness reside.

When the intersection of anahata chakra is balanced, we see ourselves as One with others.  As such, we treat others with kindness, love, and compassion. But when the heart space does not serve as the intersection of Oneness, we project that imbalance onto others.  In other words, what we hold in our hearts determines the quality of our relationships, the depth of our compassion, the capacity to nurture, and the capability to love.

Western culture is rooted in dichotomy, where masculine and feminine, physical and spiritual are seen as separate. Our yoga practice reminds us that separation is an illusion, and anahata chakra gives a place of focus to find balance, to intersect as One. As we dedicate this month to the heart chakra, take time to direct your attention and energies to the heart. Here are a few ways to bring balance into your heart chakra:

1. Use the mantra “I am loving to myself and others” or “I give and receive love equally.”

2. Practice dhanurasna, our pose of the month! Read more about it here.

3. Practice forgiveness. Anahata chakra is where we hold grief and pain. Letting go will open the heart to find balance and Oneness.

4. Join Lexi on February 2 for Metta Meditation. Register here.

5. Join Rachael February 11 for a Relationship Retreat to create and nourish the practices that build relationships. Register here.


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