Pose of the Month - Ksepana Mudra

As the seasons change, we find the urge to move inward and let go of our old patterns so that we can clear the path. We often consider ways to break patterns and habits in our asana practice. But we tend to repeat the same cycles within our habits of meditation and mudra. This month we are featuring Ksepana Mudra for you to add into your asana or meditation practice. This hand gesture expels negative energy and encourages the flow of new, positive energy. Ksepana Mudra symbolizes the letting go of that which doesn't serve.

This powerful mudra is said to stimulate "excretion through the large intestine, skin (sweat) and lungs (enhanced blow), and the expulsion of the expended energy." Kspeana mudra should not be practiced for extended periods of time because once the flow of energy starts, the new, positive energy can also be released.

To practice this mudra:

1. Press your index fingers against one another.

2. Interlace the middle, ring, and pinkie fingers of both hands, and press the pads of fingers into the back of your hands.

3. Crisscross your thumbs and press them into the hollow or webbing of the hand (Right thumb into left hollow, left thumb into right hollow).

4. While holding the mudra, keep the hands soft and relaxed.

5. If sitting, point the index fingers toward the ground.

6. If lying down, the index fingers point toward the feet.

7. Hold this mudra for only 7-15 breaths, concentrating on your exhalation.

8. From your seated or reclined position, release the mudra and rest the hands on thighs with palms facing up.

Photo credit: http://www.yogaenred.com/en/2013/07/31/mudras-ksepana-mudra/


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Jacob Arch
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