Pose of the Month - Compass Pose



Compass pose or Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana gives us the opportunity to mold the body into a directional tool. As such, we become connected to the trajectory of our mind, body, and energy. Because this pose includes a twist; side bend; and hip, shoulder, groin, and  hamstring opening; it is a reminder that to (r)evolve, we must constrain the various directions of our lives and channel them in one, intentional direction.


Step-by-step instructions:


1. Start in Sukhasana (Easy pose).

2. Keep the left leg bent and grounded into the mat. Place your right hand down in front of your left shin.
Bring your right knee up toward your chest, and draw your right shoulder under the crease of the knee. Bring the knee as high as possible on the shoulder. 

3. With the left hand, hold the outer edge of the right foot.

4. Inhale, extend your right knee while simultaneously drawing the left arm behind your head. Ground down into your sitting bones as you exhale.

5. Hold this pose for up to 10 slow breaths. Use your inhales to lengthen the spine and exhales to deepen the stretch.

6. To exit, inhale and lengthen your spine. Then exhale, release the foot, and bend the right knee to slowly dissolve out of the posture. Repeat on the opposite side.


To modify:

If there are limitations extending the leg, place a strap around the foot and hold with the upper hand. This will allow space to move into the posture.


If the sitting bone lifts off the mat, place a folded blanket underneath the seat.



Shoulder, hip, low back, or hamstring injuries







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