January Alumni: Effort and Ease in the New Year




The New Year can often bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm in all aspects of our lives. We hope you always feel connected to your yoga practice, but this is a potent time to recommit to our intentions and efforts. As Patanjali tells us in his yoga sutra 2.46 – sthira sukham asanam – we need both easeful joy and steadfastness in our practice. Even as the practices may bring us more joy and ease, we also need to recommit to a renewed sense of discipline. 


One of the most common obstacles that yoga teachers discover in their path is that their own practice takes a back seat to the classes that they teach and the other aspects of their lives. The time they once dedicated to practicing has now been consumed with teaching classes and preparing for them. Sometimes our home practice becomes distracted and interrupted with making playlists or thinking about how we will sequence or cue. 


This is actually a wonderful place to be, as it signals to us that we are ready for growth! We can now practice postures that were once so difficult and required great focus with so much ease that we have the capacity to think about many other things. So now we can reconnect with the postures and our practices with a new level of discipline and focus. We can dive in more deeply to the subtleties of the alignment and what we are doing with our bodies. Perhaps it’s time to step into the more advanced variations of postures, or try versions we don’t normally try. We can pull out our “Light on Yoga” and explore postures, or just refine our entrance and exit of postures with the discipline of our tradition. 


Other ways we can reconnect with steadfastness in our practice is to commit to regular meditation, practice daily pranayama, infuse the yamas and niyamas into daily life, or even participate in one of our upcoming workshops to inspire new insight and education for our growth.

It is an incredible gift to share in a community with others who value continued growth and discipline. Each of us doing our best to commit to our own journey uplifts the entire kula. Thank you for all that you do to keep our satsang elevated. We look forward to seeing you soon!


With gratitude,




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