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Recipe of the Month - Spring Veggie Bowl with Jade Pearl Rice, Kohlrabi, and Coconut Tahini Sauce

Loaded with pastel purple, sunny yellow squash, bright green sugar snap beans, and dark leafy greens; this dish is not just a healthy choice, it's also a work of art! Read More

The Teachings of Yoga Connect Us All

Would you believe it if we told you that we are all intrinsically connected to each other because of a FISH?? Anything is possible, right? Here is a story for you… Once upon a time, the powerful destroyer of the cosmos and original yogi, Shiva, emerged from 10,000 years of meditation on Mount Kailash. Read More


Pose of the Month - Shakti Mudra

A mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture that channels specific energy. Shakti mudra honors is believed to influence the second chakra, Svadishthana. Read More


Thankful for Creation

All beings in existence once had a day of birth when they opened their eyes to this experience we call life. To be born, we all had a mother, but we also all share a primordial mother – the essence of creation. As we approach Mother’s Day, we are reminded that every day is an opportunity to show gratitude for this precious gift of life with reverence to our birth mother, mother Nature, and the primordial mother. Read More


Are You Allowing Yourself to Blossom?

April showers bring May flowers--and an exciting time at Longwave Yoga! We couldn't be more excited to share with you the springtime sunshine and the teachings of our upcoming special guest, Maria Garré. On April 28-30, Maria will offer her workshop Therapeutic Rituals: The Art of Living Yoga and Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and emphasizes bringing harmony into the body so that you can live as your highest, most authentic self. Spring grants us the opportunity to practice Ayurvedic rituals so that we can harmonize and renew ourselves, revealing our deepest desires and highest truth. Read More


Pose of the Month - Firefly Pose

Like Ayurveda, our yoga practice asks us to find balance in the body. Arm balances help us find that steady point by focusing on sthira (effort) and sukha (ease). Sometimes, this can be challenging because arm balances such as tittibhasana or firefly require significant effort and strength. Read More


Recipe of the Month - Maria Garre's Saffron Asparagus Kitchari

In Ayurvedic practices, spring is a vital time to cleanse. Not only does this rejuvenate practices of self-care after winter's dormancy, it also promotes energy, immunity, and strength. Performing an Ayurvedic cleanse rekindles agni or metabolic fire. Read More


The End of the Rainbow Is Right Here

The Longwave family wishes the you most sincere and content blessings. As the Irish say, "May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields." Read More


Pose of the Month - Warrior III

Discovering abundance comes from both acceptance and action. Warrior III can help us discover how to appreciate where we are but to also make space for growth. When we feel off balance, sometimes emotions emerge that can be counterproductive in the practice. Read More


Recipe of the Month - Vegan Irish Cauliflower Colcannon

Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish. Generally, colcannon is made with mashed potatoes and kale. Regional varieties of the dish add other ingredients such as scallions, leeks, onions, or chives. Though most version of colcannon use potatoes as the base ingredient, this vegan twist opts for cauliflower for a lighter option. Read More

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